Saphire Brand Video

Saphire 27 Pure Sailing

Project & Camera: Juerg Kaufmann
Edit: James McIntyre

A new brand is rising on the horizon with a unique concept in the leisure sailboat industry: SAPHIRE – pure sailing

Slip & Trail

You don’t need a crane to launch SAPHIRE! The lifting keel with an easy and light to set carbon rig makes you free and independent. Launch the boat directly from the trailer and set the mast autonomously.

One Design

All boats are exactly the same. The value of your boat remains higher due to the fact that it is a one design class even though price – performance ratio is very outstanding due to mass production. Compete against the same boats and challenge yourself with one of the fastest available 8m production sailboats on the market. Equipped for pure racing – light and fast!

Family Sailing

Spend your weekends on the boat with your family. You don’t need to spend the money for hotels. Travel from one lake to another without any extra expenses and have fun with your family and friends. The boat provides a lot of safety for the family: she is designed for coastal areas CE Class “C”.

Slip and trail
Family sailing
One design
8m x 2.5m x 1.70m (0.50m)
1300 kg
44 m2 sail area upwind
4 sleeping berth
“Sitting height” inside the cabin
Carbon mast
Lifting keel
Sandwich infusion
Engine well below cockpit floor
CE-Certification „C“